Philippine tin can packaging container products can be divided into: cans (including two-piece cans, three-piece cans, aerosol cans (medicinal cans made of sheet steel, pesticide cans, cosmetic cans, industrial and home care, etc.), food Cans (candy cans, milk powder cans, tobacco and alcohol food cans, etc.), printed iron products (cans, boxes) and various bottle caps (crown caps, screw caps, aluminum anti-counterfeiting caps, acupressure safety caps); Chemical barrels and steel barrels made of cold-rolled sheets and zinc sheets.

tin can supplier in philippines

With the increasingly strict environmental protection policies and people’s increasing attention to food safety, metal film packaging products are gradually respected by the market due to their technical characteristics such as green environmental protection, safety and health. In the metal packaging of food and beverages, coated iron cans have attracted more and more attention. With the improvement of the domestic waste recycling system in the Philippines and the advancement of metal coating and other technologies, it is expected that metal packaging container products will usher in a broader market.

Our company is a professional metal canning making equipment enterprise that can provide one-stop service. For tin can supplier in philippines, we can provide turnkey projects, such as making food cans, Technical flow: cutting the tin sheet to blank— rounding—welding—outer coating-flanging-bottom lid feeding-seaming-turning over-top lid feeding-seaming-ear lug welding-leak testing-packaging

First place the cut can body materials into the automatic resistance welding machine’s feeding table, Suck by the vacuum suckers, send the tin blanks to the feeding roller one by one.through the feeding roller, the single tin blank is fed to the rounding roller to conduct rounding process, then it will be fed to the rounding forming mechanism to make rounding. The body is fed into the resistance welding machine and make welding after the accurate positioning. After welding, the can body is automatically fed into the rotary magnetic conveyor of the coating machine for outer coating, inner coating or inner powder coating, Which depends on customer’s various needs.It is mainly used to prevent the side welding seam line from being exposed in air and rusting.The can body is then fed to the combination machine ,It is in an upright state going through the uprighting conveyor.and is sent to flanging station by clamps.The flanging task is finished by bumping of upper and lower flanging mold.After t hat, the flanged can body is sent to automatic bottom lid feeder, through the detecting sensor detecting the coming can body, the lid feeder will automatically feed the bottom lid to the top of can body and both of them are sent to the position under the seaming chunk, the lifting tray sends the can body and bottom to the seaming machine head to seal. After one end seaming, It is sent to can body turner to turn the can body over, Then conduct again the automatic top lid detecting and seaming. Lastly, it is fed to automatic double spots ear lug welding machine,through automatic side welding seam indexing, Cam conveyor conveying, mechanic paint breaking, also equipped with automatic ear lugs vibrating discs,finish accurate welding task on small round can.Lastly,the finished can is fed by conveyor to automatic leak tester station. After accurate air source inspection, unqualified products are detected and pushed to a fixed area, and qualified products will come to the packaging workbench for the f inal packaging.

In view of good market prospects, it is very important to choose professional and stable products.We will be a very professional choice for the growing tin can suppliers in the Philippines.