Can Sealing Machine

Can Sealing Machine

The Semi-automatic can sealing machine series can be used in various can factories for sealing tinplate packaging cans. Such as: packaging cans for various food, cooking oil, paint, motor oil, etc. It is mainly suitable for the sealing of 3L-4L Retangular cans, 16L-20L conical pail and neck-in drum 18L-20L square cans and 1-5L round cans.

What is a three-piece can?

The application history of three-piece cans has been nearly 200 years. Although it has been improved many times, its basic composition is still made of three metal sheets (mostly tinplate) of can body, bottom and lid, with the name “three-piece can” . The shape, size and manufacturing method of the bottom and lid of the ordinary three-piece can are exactly the same, and they are collectively called the lid. There are two main sealing forms for the can body: soldering and welding. The former was used earlier, but due to the lead in the solder, it has been eliminated; the latter can avoid lead pollution, low energy consumption, and low material consumption , But the production equipment is complicated.

Three-piece cans have good characteristic, can produce cans of various shapes, high material utilization, easy to change size, mature production technology, and many types of packaging products.

Equipment composition of semi-automatic can sealing machine

GT4A28Q Pneumatic tin can sealer

Sealing Machine-1
production capacity 12-16cpm
diagonal range 50-300mm
can height range 50-400mm
thickness ≤0.4mm
pneumatic system pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa
Motor Power  2.2KW
Rotating speed 940rpm
Dimensions(L*W*H) 980×580×1900mm
Device Weight  800KG

GT4A39 Pneumatic round can seamer

Semi Auto 10-25L Conical Round Can production line-6
thickness ≤0.4mm
diameter range 220-300mm
can height range ≤400mm
production capacity 15-20cpm
Motor Power 2.2KW
Device Weight 980KG
Dimensions(L*W*H) 980*580*1900mm

GT4A68Q Pneumatic round can seamer

Sealing Machine-3
production capacity 20-30cpm
diagonal range 50-180mm
can height range 50-300mm
thickness ≤0.4mm
pneumatic system pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa
Motor Power 1.5KW
Rotating speed 1400rpm
Dimensions(L*W*H) 720×520×1760mm
Device Weight 450KG

The following products are produced by this equipment

Semi Auto Sealing Machine Application-1
Semi Auto Sealing Machine Application-2
Semi Auto Sealing Machine Application-3
Semi Auto Sealing Machine Application-4
Semi Auto Sealing Machine Application-5
Semi Auto Sealing Machine Application-6

Application industry

This production line is applicable to the production of metal round cans for food, medicine, chemical industry, paint, cooking oil and other industries. It can also be applied to the production of food cans, paint cans, edible oil cans, paint cans, lubricating oil cans, etc.

Applicable countries and regions

Applicable to countries or regions where labor is difficult, unstable, or highly paid. For example: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, dubai and so on.

Applicable to countries or regions with high output and high product quality. For example: Saudi Arabia, dubai, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Turkey and so on.

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