Automatic Small Round Can Production Line

Automatic Small Round Can Production Line

The production line is suitable for the automatic production of 0.1 liter to 5 liters’ small round can. total power: approx.75KW,total floor space: 200㎡ .total length:approx.22 meters. total manpower: 4-5 people. Production capacity: 55-60cpm.Small round can’s height range: 80-320mm. Small round can’s diameter range:50-180mm

Technical flow: cutting the tin sheet to blank—rounding—welding—outer coating-flanging-bottom lid feeding-seaming-turning over-top lid feeding-seaming-ear lug welding-leak testing-packaging

What is a small round can?

It is made of three pieces of metal sheets (mostly tinplate) of cans body, cans bottom and cans cover, and the cans body is round. Range of small round cans: capacity 0.1-5l, diameter 50-180mm, height 80-320mm.

Working process of automatic small round tin can production line

First place the cut can body materials into the automatic resistance welding machine’s feeding table, Suck by the vacuum suckers,send the tin blanks to the feeding roller one by one.through the feeding roller, the single tin blank is fed to the rounding roller to conduct rounding process, then it will be fed to the rounding forming mechanism to make rounding.The body is fed into the resistance welding machine and make welding after the accurate positioning. After welding, the can body is automatically fed into the rotary magnetic conveyor of the coating machine for outer coating, inner coating or inner powder coating, Which depends on customer’s various need.It is mainly used to prevent the side welding seam line from being exposed in air and rusting.The can body is then fed to the combination machine,It is in an upright state going through the uprighting conveyor.and is sent to flanging station by clamps.The flanging task is finished by bumping of upper and lower flanging mold.After that, the flanged can body is sent to automatic bottom lid feeder,through the detecting sensor detecting the coming can body, the lid feeder will automatic feed the bottom lid to the top of can body and both of them are sent to the position under the seaming chunk, the lifting tray sends the can body and bottom to the seaming machine head to seal. After one end seaming,It is sent to can body turner to turn the can body over,Then conduct again the automatic top lid detecting and seaming. Lastly,it is fed to automatic double spots ear lug welding machine,through automatic side welding seam indexing, Cam conveyor conveying, mechanic paint breaking, also equipped with automatic ear lugs vibrating discs,finish accurate welding task on small round can.Lastly,the finished can is fed by conveyor to automatic leak tester station.After accurate air source inspection, unqualified products are detected and pushed to a fixed area, and qualified products will come to the packaging workbench for the final packaging.

Equipment composition of small round cans automatic production line

Single gang slitter

Single gang slitter
Maximum size of cutting material (L*W) 1100*1100mm
Minimum size of cutting material (L*W) 200*400mm
The fastest speed 50 sheets/min
Power supply 380v/50HZ
Total power 3.5kw
Device Weight 1800kg
Feed rack load capacity 3T

Full automatic welding machine

Full-Auto 0.1L-5L Round Can production Line-1
Full automatic welding machine
Welding frequency 100-280Hz
Welding speed 6m-16m/min
Production capacity 40-80cans/min
Can body diameter Φ65(Φ52)mm-Φ176mm
Can height 72mm-260mm(320mm)
Adapt to tinplate thickness 0.18mm-0.3mm
Copper wire diameter Φ1.26mm-Φ1.38mm
Weld seam amount 0.4mm-0.8mm
Power supply 380v 50Hz Three-phase power
Installed power 20KW
Cooling water >0.4MPa,12-20℃,40L/min
Air consumption ≥300L/min>0.5Mpa
Device Weight 2800KG
Dimensions(L*W*H) 2000*1600*1900mm

Full automatic coating machine

Full-Auto 0.1L-5L Round Can production Line-2
Full automatic coating machine
Applicable can diameter Φ52Mmm-Φ350mm
Applicable can height 50mm-600mm
Coating speed 8-16m/min/25-50m/min
outside Coating width 8-18mm
Compressed airm 0.4MPA/cm²
Input power ≥380v/50HZ
Dimensions(L*W*H) 1800*600*1300mm
Device Weight 500KG

Full automatic can body combination machine

Full-Auto 0.1L-5L Round Can production Line-4
Full automatic can body combination machine
production capacity 60cpm
drum body diameter range Φ52-180mm
drum body height range 80-320mm
thickness ≤0.35mm
total power 13.1KW
pneumatic system pressure: 0.5Mpa
body uprighting conveyor size 2250*230*920mm
the front section conveyor’s size 2740*260*880mm
seaming machine size 2200*1120*2120mm
the front section conveyor’s size 2740*260*880mm
seaming machine size 1320*1120*2120
main machine weight 5.5T

Automatic Feeding Double Head Ear Welder

Full-Auto 0.1L-5L Round Can production Line-5
Automatic Feeding Double Head Ear Welder
drum body diameter range 142-150mm
drum body height range 150-210mm
production capacity 50pcs/min
total power 30KW
Lubrication system Manual lubrication
Compressed air required 0.4Mpa*10L/min
Dimensions(L*W*H) 2660*1397*1790mm
Device Weight 200KG

Leak tester

Leak tester
Detected product volume range 1-5L/5L
Equipment air pressure 4-6Bar
Check pressure 10-15Kpa
Detection accuracy 0.17mm
Detection speed 30PCS/mins/60PCS/mins
Device Weight 1500KG/3800KG
Dimensions(L*W*H) L3200mmB950mmH2200mm/


Input power 220V50HZ/380V50HZ

The layout of the production line

Tin can making artcraft

Tin can making artcraft

The following products are produced by this equipment

Semi Auto Sealing Machine Application-3
Semi Auto 0.1-5L Round Can production Line Application-3
Semi Auto 0.1-5L Round Can production Line Application-4
Semi Auto 0.1-5L Round Can production Line Application-5
Semi Auto 0.1-5L Round Can production Line Application-1

Preparation for Production

I Factory workshop preparation:

Reserve the main cable model: YJV3*35+2*16

Area: At least 30 meters long by 10 meters wide, totaling 300 square meters

Flow rate: 1305 liters per minute.

Pressure requirement: 0.4-0.8 Mpa

Number of workers:4-5 people

II Preparation of production materials

1、Top lid, bottom lid, earpiece

① You can directly purchase top lids, bottom lids, and earpieces. In China, there are many specialized lid manufacturing factories that offer various specifications to choose from. If you have specific size requirements, you can request the lid factory to create custom molds for production. Once the production quantity reaches a certain threshold, the cost of mold fabrication is often waived or included for free.

② You can purchase equipment to produce top lids, bottom lids, and earpieces on your own. For more information about the relevant equipment, please click on the following link to learn more.

2、Can body material of printed tinplate

① You can directly purchase can body materials. In China, there are many professional printing tinplate factories that can customize can body materials according to your requirements.

② You can purchase tin printing equipment to conduct the printing on tinplate on your own. For more information about the relevant equipment, please click on the following link to learn more.

③ You can purchase the Double-side Glue Adhesive Film Laminating Line and process the tinplate yourself. If you would like to learn more about the relevant equipment, please click the link for more information.

3 Copper wire, adhesive, powder, plastic handles.

These materials can be directly purchased worldwide.

Advantages and disadvantages of the full-automatic production line of small round cans

Advantages: the whole production line adopts automatic computer programming control system, fully realizing the full automatic assembly line work.Only 1-2 workers are needed to complete the operation of the entire production line.The whole production line has fast production speed, high production efficiency, automatic fault detection system and low rejection rate.

Disadvantages: compared to semi-automatic production line, the initial investment capital is larger. For the start-up enterprises, it is recommended to use semi-automatic production line with less capital in.

Comparison between ISHIN products and its competitors

ISHIN products: the whole production line is suitable for a variety of can types in a production line factory. The cost of mold is low and the time of mold replacement is short. It only takes 1.5-2 hours to complete the replacement of all the molds. At the same time, the machine head adopts special design, which has the characteristics of low noise and high production speed.

Peer products: the whole production line only produces one can type, the mold cost is high, the time of changing the mold is long, it takes 1-3 days to complete the replacement of all the molds. The machine head adopts the old design and the production noise is large.

Application industry

This production line is applicable to the production of metal round cans for food, medicine, chemical industry, paint, cooking oil and other industries. It can also be used in the production of food cans, paint cans, edible oil cans, paint cans, milk powder cans, aerosol cans, etc.

Applicable countries and regions

Applicable to countries or regions where labor is difficult, unstable, or highly paid. For example: malaysia, indonesia, philippines, vietnam, thailand, india, dubai and so on.

Applicable to countries or regions with high output and high product quality. For example: saudi arabia, dubai, russia, canada, south korea, turkey and so on.

Why to chooes ISHIN products?

  • Established 20 years ago, ISHIN technology is a well-known brand in the Chinese industry.
  • More than 80% of customers in China have used ISHIN products.
  • ISHIN technology has a strong technical team and professional after-sales service to provide customers with turnkey project and one-stop service.
  • Once choosing ISHIN technology products, ISHIN technology will provide you with the most professional technical advice and guidance from material selection, printing and typesetting, installation, commissioning to smooth production

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