Automatic Small Round Can Production Line

Automatic Small Round Can Production Line

This line is suitable for 0.1L-5L round can automatic making , which adopts the modular design and integrates automatic can standing、automatic flanging(servo motor)、automatic lid feeding、automatic bottom sealing、automatic reversing、automatic top lid sealing to be a whole.

What is a small round can?

It is made of three pieces of metal sheets (mostly tinplate) of cans body, cans bottom and cans cover, and the cans body is round. Range of small round cans: capacity 0.1-5l, diameter 50-180mm, height 50-300mm.

Working process of automatic small round tin can production line

Firstly, the cutting tinplate material is placed in the material receiving place of the full-automatic resistance welding machine, which is sent to the feeding roller one by one by the vacuum suction device, and the single piece material is sent to the deflection roller through the feeding roller for bending treatment, and then enters the forming device to roll into the cans body, which is sent to the welding machine, and welding is carried out after accurate positioning. After welding, the cans body is automatically sent to the material receiving frame of the cans welding line coating machine. There are two schemes for users to choose, spray type and roll coating type, which are mainly used to prevent the welding seam from contacting the air and causing rust. The tank body is delivered to the tank body combination machine, and the cans body is in an upright state through the cans correction device. The tank body is delivered to the flanging station through the holding clamping, and the flanging is completed through the collision action of the upper and lower flanging molds. The cans body is delivered to the automatic lid feeder device. The sensing switch senses the cans body, and the lids opening device automatically drops to the upper part of the tank body. The holding clamping delivers the cover and the cans body to the bottom of the can sealing (chunk), the cans body and cover are sent to the head of the sealing machine by the holding clamping, one head of the sealing machine is completed, pushed out to the head turning device to change the upper and lower positions of the cans body, and then an automatic sensing of the lower cover and sealing link is carried out. It is pushed out to the full-automatic double head spot welding machine, through automatic seam locating device, cam conveyor belt drive, mechanical paint breaking, and equipped with automatic ear dropping vibration plate, to complete the precise spot welding.

Equipment composition of small round cans automatic production line
Full automatic welding machine
Full-Auto 0.1L-5L Round Can production Line-1
Major parameters
Linear rate of welding 6-36m/min
Production capability 60~120Cans/min
Applicable can diameter Ø52~ø99mm
Applicable can height 70~320mm
Applicable material Tinplate steel-based
Applicable material thickness 0.16~0.30mm
Seam welding landing 0.4mm  0.6mm
Seam point distance 0.5-0.8mm
Applicable copper wire diameter ø 1.38mm ø 1.5mm
Cooling water Temperature 12~18°CPressure:0.4-0.5Mpa Discharge 10L/min
Power 380V±5% 50HZ
Total power 18KVA
Power 380V±5% 50HZ
Dimension 1750×1100×1800mm
Weight 1800Kg
Full automatic coating machine
Full-Auto 0.1L-5L Round Can production Line-2
Major parameters
Applicable tank diameter Φ52mm*Φ350mm
Applicable tank height 60-600mm
coating speed 10-45m/min
External repainting width 10-16m/min
Compressed air 0.4MPA/CM2
equipment power 50/60Hz P=400W
voltage UVW 380V 50/60HZ
Dimensions(L*W*H) 1800*600*1300mm
Total Weight 500kg
Electromagnetic drying machine
Full-Auto 0.1L-5L Round Can production Line-3
Ⅰ.Major   technical parameters
Model GDCHG-286-8
Coneveyor  speed 5-30m/min
Coneveyor type Flat chain drive
Can hight  range 200-400mm
Heating type Induction
Effective   heating 800mm*8(30cpm)
Highter   heating 1KW*8(temperature set)
Frequency   setting 80KHz±10KHz
Electro.Radiation   Protective Covered with safety guard
Sensing   distance 5-20mm
Induction   point 40mm
Induction time 25sec(410mm H,40cpm)
Rise time Distance 5mm 8   sec&280℃
Cooling   induct.coil No require water/air
Voltage &   Frequency 380V +N ﹥10KVA
Machine   dimension 7500*700*1420mm
Gross weight 700KG
Full automatic can body combination machine
Full-Auto 0.1L-5L Round Can production Line-4
Major parameters
Production capacity (cans/min) 60
Diameter(mm) 60-180
Can Height(mm) 65-320
Thickness of tinplate (mm) 0.16-0.4
Total Power (kw) 12
Voltage (v) 380
Automatic Feeding Double Head Ear Welder
Full-Auto 0.1L-5L Round Can production Line-5
Major technical parameters
The power supply work rate 80 kva
The input voltage, three phase four wire 380 ~ 440 v
Frequency 50, 60 HZ
Production capacity 25 ~ 30 cans per minute
Applicable tank diameter 126-176
Apply high pot 175-280mm
Equipment net weight about 1600 kg
Dimension 3170*1540*2670(mm)
The layout of the production line

The layout of the production line

Tin can making artcraft

Tin can making artcraft

Advantages: the whole production line adopts automatic computer programming control system, fully realizing the full automatic assembly line work.Only 1-2 workers are needed to complete the operation of the entire production line.The whole production line has fast production speed, high production efficiency, automatic fault detection system and low rejection rate.

Disadvantages: compared to semi-automatic production line, the initial investment capital is larger. For the start-up enterprises, it is recommended to use semi-automatic production line with less capital in.

Comparison between YiXin products and its competitors

YiXin products: the whole production line is suitable for a variety of can types in a production line factory. The cost of mold is low and the time of mold replacement is short. It only takes 1.5-2 hours to complete the replacement of all the molds. At the same time, the machine head adopts special design, which has the characteristics of low noise and high production speed.

Peer products: the whole production line only produces one can type, the mold cost is high, the time of changing the mold is long, it takes 1-3 days to complete the replacement of all the molds. The machine head adopts the old design and the production noise is large.

Application industry

This production line is applicable to the production of metal round cans for food, medicine, chemical industry, paint, cooking oil and other industries. It can also be used in the production of food cans, paint cans, edible oil cans, paint cans, milk powder cans, aerosol cans, etc.

Applicable countries and regions

Applicable to countries or regions where labor is difficult, unstable, or highly paid. For example: malaysia, indonesia, philippines, vietnam, thailand, india, dubai and so on.

Applicable to countries or regions with high output and high product quality. For example: saudi arabia, dubai, russia, canada, south korea, turkey and so on.

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