In today’s life, tin gift boxes have become an inseparable and inseparable part of our lives. Looking at these beautifully crafted tin gift boxes, we can’t help but ask how these tin gift boxes are produced. The following is a detailed introduction to the manufacturing and production process of tin gift boxes by Jiujiang Yixin Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Overall Design
For any product, especially packaging products, the appearance design is its soul. Any packaged product must not only protect the contents to the greatest extent, but also attract the attention of customers in appearance, so the design is particularly important. Design drawings can be provided by customers, or can be designed by the can factory according to customer requirements.

2. Prepare Iron
The general production material of tin gift boxes is tinplate, that is, tin-plated steel sheet. The content and specification of tin-plated material should meet the quality requirements of “National Tin-plated Sheet Steel” (GB2520). Generally, after confirming the order, the most suitable iron material, iron material variety, size, etc. will be ordered according to the near layout drawing. The iron material is usually stored directly in the printing factory. For the identification of the quality of the iron material, the usual visual inspection method can be used to see the surface. Whether there are scratches, whether the lines are uniform, whether there are rust spots, etc., the thickness can be measured with an equal micrometer, and the hardness can be felt by hand.

3. Mould Making and Proofing
The mold room makes product molds according to the design drawings, and submits the samples to the production department for trial mold production.

4. Typesetting and Printing
It should be noted here that the printing of iron materials is different from other packaging printing. It is not first cut and then printed, but first printed and then cut. Both the film and the layout map are arranged and printed by the printing factory after the printing factory. Usually, a template is provided for the printing factory to follow the color. During the printing process, it is important to pay attention to whether the printing color can follow the template, whether the set is accurate, and whether there is any stains, scars, etc. These problems are generally in charge of the printers themselves. There are also some can factories that have their own printing plants or printing equipment.

5. Iron Cutting
Cut the printed iron material on the cutting lathe. Cutting is a relatively simple part of the canning process.

6. Stamping: that is, pressing the iron material on the punching machine, which is the most important part of can making. Usually, a can can be completed in multiple processes.

  • The general process of the two-piece can of Tiandi cover is: cover: cutting – flashing – winding. Bottom cover: cutting material – flashing – pre-rolling line – winding line.
  • Tiandi cover and bottom process (bottom sealing) the process of the tank, the lid: cutting material – flashing – winding line The body of the tank: cutting material – pre-bending – cutting angle – forming – buttoning – punching body (bottom buttoning) – bottom sealing. The bottom process is: opening.
    In addition, if the tin can is hinged, then the lid and the body each have one more process: hinged.
    In the stamping process, the loss of iron materials is usually the largest. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the work operation is standardized, whether the surface of the product is scratched, whether the coil has batch seams, and whether the buckle position is fastened. Arrange the production of large sample confirmation, and produce according to the confirmed large sample, which can reduce a lot of trouble.

7. Packaging:
After the stamping is completed, it is time to enter the finishing touch. The packaging department is responsible for cleaning and assembling, into plastic bags and packing. This link is the finishing work of the product. The cleaning of the product is very important, so the work should be cleaned before packaging, and then packaged according to the packaging method. For products with many styles, the model number and box number must be properly placed. What should be paid attention to in the packaging process is quality control, to minimize the flow of defective products into finished products, and the number of boxes must be accurate.

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