10L-20L Square Can Production Line

10L-20L Square Can Production Line

The production line is suitable for the semi-automatic production of 10-20 liters’square can. total power: approx.35KW,total floor space: 65㎡ .total length:approx.15 meters. total manpower: 8-9 people. Production capacity: 15-20cpm. Square can’s height range: 170-450mm. Square can’s diameter range:300-320mm

Working Process:Semi-automatic Slitting→Semi-automatic Rounding→Semi-automatic Seam welding→Semi-automatic Expanding and Embossing→Semi-automatic Flanging→Semi-automatic Seaming→Semi-automatic Seaming

What’s the square can?

It is made of three pieces of metal sheet (mostly tinplate), the can body, the bottom and the lid. The can is square shaped. The  square can range: capacity 10-20L, diagonal 300-320mm, height 170-450mm.

Equipment composition of semi-automatic 10L-20L square can production line
Gt1b5b can slitting machine
Semi Auto 10L-20L Square Can Production Line-1
Maximum thickness of cutting iron sheet  0.18-0.5mm
Maximum width of cutting iron sheet 1000-1250mm
Minimum width of cutting sheet 40mm
Motor Power 1.65KW
Dimensions(L*W*H) (1470)1720×1000×1100mm
Device Weight 1200-1500KG
Automatic Rolling Machine
Semi Auto 10L-20L Square Can Production Line-2
Power supply AC380V/50HZ
total power 0.75KVA
thickness 0.2-0.4mm
pneumatic system pressure 40L/min Mpa
can height range 120-400mm
diameter range Φ105-286mm
rounding speed 40m/min
Dimensions(L*W*H) 1500*700*1500mm
Rear-feeding seam welder machine
Semi Auto 10L-20L Square Can Production Line-3
WeldingSpeed: 6~12m/min(weldingpowerfrequency:50~240Hz)
Capacity: 10~50cans/min
Diameter: Φ52~180mm、Φ65~290mm
Height: 70~270mm、70~420mm
Material: 50#~100#Tinplateplate、steelbaseplate
Thickness: 0.18~0.38mm
Overlap:  0.4~1.2mm
Controlway: PLC
Coolingwater: ≤20℃
Waterflow: 20L/min
Waterpressure: 5kg/cm²
Installationcapacity: 16KVA
Dimensions(L*W*H) 1350×1450×1900mm
Device Weight 1200kg
YX-18LC square can body flanging machine
Semi Auto 10L-20L Square Can Production Line-4
Production range  9-20L
maximum oil pressure 13Mpa
thickness 0.23-0.30mm
pneumatic system pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa
production capacity 15-20cpm
Fuel tank capacity 125L
Motor Power 7.5KW
Dimensions(L*W*H) 1400×730×1200mm
Power supply 380V-415V 50HZ
Device Weight 1280KG
YX-18LF square can flanging machine
10L-20L Square Can Production Line-5
Production range  1-18L
thickness 0.2-0.35mm
production capacity 20-30cmp
Dimensions(L*W*H)  1130×700×960mm
Motor Power 3.75KW
Device Weight 420KG
GT4A28Q Pneumatic tin can sealer
10L-20L Square Can Production Line-6
Production capacity (cpm) 12-16cpm
diagonal range 50-300mm
can height range 50-400mm
thickness ≤0.4mm
pneumatic system pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa
Motor Power 2.2KW
Rotating speed 940rpm
Dimensions(L*W*H) 980×580×1900mm
Device Weight 800KG
The layout of the production line

Tin can making artcraft

Tin can making artcraft

This production line is applicable to the production of metal round cans for food, medicine, chemical industry, paint, cooking oil and other industries. It can also be applied to the production of food cans, paint cans, edible oil cans, paint cans, lubricating oil cans, etc.

Applicable countries and regions

Applicable to countries or regions where labor is difficult, unstable, or highly paid. For example: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, dubai and so on.

Applicable to countries or regions with high output and high product quality. For example: Saudi Arabia, dubai, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Turkey and so on.

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