In this era of pleasing beauty, the design of high-value and high-end tinplate cans will attract consumers’ attention. If the product brand wants to maximize product sales and brand influence, then it must be scientific, novel, appropriate and innovative to customize a unique tinplate packaging. This kind of tinplate can packaging design can stand out in the fierce market competition and promote sales.

There are four main points in the packaging design of tinplate cans:

1. The packaging design position of tinplate cans must be accurate

Before tinplate packaging design, products must be placed accurately, including brand positioning, product positioning, channel positioning and consumer positioning.

First of all, we must understand the consumer’s age, gender, occupation, status, hobbies, economic status, living habits, consumer psychology and the aesthetic needs of the target consumer.

Secondly, we must understand the characteristics of the product and its share in the market. The production capacity, production scale and management capacity of tinplate can packaging manufacturers; finally, the design elements and styles of product packaging should be determined according to the various characteristics, values, sales areas and consumer objects of the products.

2. The tinplate cans are decorated in a coordinated use of colors and psychological feelings

Color is the most sensitive part of human visual experience. The emotions conveyed by color are the most direct. Different colors can bring different emotional changes to people. The use of color plays a role in highlighting the theme of tinplate packaging, beautifying the product, and making it easier for users to identify the product. Plays an important role.

The color of tinplate cans is usually determined according to the sales target of the product. If you use tinplate cans to package cosmetics, most of them use warm, soft, noble and elegant intermediate colors to reflect the elegant temperament of women. There are also some unconventional packaging for women’s products, using strong colors. Contrast; men’s cosmetic packaging usually uses large color blocks such as black, navy blue and silver to show men’s strengths and mysteries. The packaging of children’s cosmetics mostly uses soft and fluffy colors to match the image of the child.

3. The graphic design of tinplate cans pursues fashion

The packaging design of tinplate cans is mainly decorated with exquisite and concise patterns or abstract graphics to express product information, make it more modern, give people rich associations and satisfy the fashion ambitions of modern people and leading fashion psychologists. Now, with the advent of the retro trend, national packaging is beginning to lead this trend again. Its graphics are mainly based on the traditional decoration or traditional form of the Chinese people, and correspondingly increased modern fashion elements, so that the product tinplate packaging has rich traditional cultural connotations, and has a modern and flexible appearance.

4. Tinplate cans for combined packaging

Combination packaging is more affordable than buying a single product. At the same time, the use of a novel tinplate can packaging structure enhances the shelf effect of the product, facilitates consumers to purchase and purchase sets, and is also conducive to expanding product sales. It is believed that due to the diversified integration of the cosmetics packaging industry in the future, the packaging design of tinplate will also have real meanings of the times and cultural connotations, and it will be more special and interesting.