The operation steps of the metal can sealing machine will be explained in detail next.

1.Start the metal can sealing machine first, and see if the rotation direction of the tray is consistent with the indicated arrow direction (from right to left)

2. Start all the conveying motors and determine the direction of the cans (facing the tray, the cans are sent from left to right)

3. Our company is based on the sample can provided by the user, all positions will be adjusted before leaving the factory, and the user generally does not need to adjust it. But if the tank type is changed, the user needs to re-adjust the specific position.

4. When working, if any tank body leaks the lid, the sensor switch on the top informs the host that the tank is not sealed, and the tank body is sent out directly without stopping the machine.

5. Air pressure: The air source pressure is lower than the set pressure and the car cannot be driven. In order to ensure the normal use of the equipment, an air source pressure controller is installed at the air inlet of the equipment, and the pressure has been adjusted before the equipment leaves the factory. The factory setting pressure is about 0.3Mpa. If the pressure is too low, the pre-tightening force is not enough when sealing the can, that is, the supporting force is not enough, and the can can not be sealed well. Therefore, the car cannot be driven when the pressure is lower than the set pressure. Of course, the user can also readjust the pressure. Just adjust the two small bolts on the top of the pressure controller. The specific debugging method is as follows.

The left bolt adjusts the switch pressure difference; the right bolt adjusts the upper limit switch value of the air pressure.

Their relationship is: upper limit switching value-switch pressure difference = lower limit switching value.

*Example: The working air pressure is required to be maintained between 3kg and 5kg.

A: Turn the right bolt to make the pointer point at 5kg (0.5Mpa) on the scale. This value is the upper limit switching value.

B: Turn the left bolt to make the pointer point at 2kg (0.2Mpa) on the scale. This value is the switch pressure difference.

C: Calculate according to the above formula: 5kg- 2kg=3kg (this value is the lower limit switching value). The car cannot be driven if the air pressure is less than 3kg.