In our impression, iron is a metal that is easily oxidized. If it is made into an iron can, wouldn’t it be easy to rust and look ugly? In fact, if we really want to apply it to the packaging industry, we have already considered the metallicity of iron. In order to overcome its metallicity, we can only plate a layer of tin on the surface of the iron. The metallicity of tin is weak, which can protect the iron from oxidation. This kind of iron is called tin-plated iron or tinplate, and its thickness is only 0.23mm.

Our company has been in the can-making industry for more than ten years, constantly innovating and developing various shapes and practical tin cans. In this process, we found that the stretched round small tin cans stand out among many tin cans. Although the structure is simple, But it is loved by customers. Why is that?

There are two types of stretched round small tin cans: a top cover and an open skylight. The material is 0.23mm tinplate. The appearance design is simple and atmospheric. The size and color can be customized according to customer requirements. The mini type is convenient to carry.

In the food industry, such as biscuits, candies, melon seeds, hawthorn, etc., put them in small tin cans, which are especially convenient to carry whether you are traveling or on business trips. They are compact and pleasant.

In the tea industry, a small tin can hold tea that can be brewed five or six times. When you put it in the car or visit relatives and friends, you can take your favorite tea with you and drink it at any time. The small round tin box packaging will make people think that the tea is very valuable, precious and delicious.

In the cosmetics industry, the mini round tin cans can be filled with lipstick, eye shadow, lip mask, cheek powder, etc. The commonly used ones in China are plastics, and the ones commonly used abroad are made of iron. Compared with plastic and iron, the advantages of iron are affirmed. More. Cosmetics are in direct contact with human skin, and environmentally-friendly packaging products must be used. Iron cans are not only environmentally friendly, but are also more gas-proof than the high-end plastics.

In the pharmaceutical industry, iron cans are not only tightly sealed and opaque, but also our design is developed in a simple and fast direction. Medicines must be stored in a cool place. Tinplate itself is an environmentally friendly metal, which absorbs heat slowly and dissipates quickly, making it especially suitable for storing medicines.

All in all, tinplate cans can show their talents in all walks of life, exerting their excellent performance and commercial value. The development trend of tinplate cans in the packaging industry will get better and better. After all, the country advocates green and environmental protection.