With the rapid development of human civilization, the quality of human life is getting higher and higher. Human beings have increasingly high requirements for material conditions, from the earliest paper packaging to plastic packaging to the current general metal packaging. Human beings are more and more favoring metal packaging, so why do tinplate cans receive everyone’s love? Let’s talk briefly.

(1)Good processing adaptability of tinplate cans, food cans, biscuit cans, and tea cans. Due to the good ductility of metals, complex molding processes can achieve high-precision and high-speed production. For example, the production speed of tinplate three-piece can production line can reach 3600 cans / min. Such high productivity allows metal containers to meet a large number of consumer demands at a lower cost

(2) Tinplate cans, food cans, biscuit cans, tea cans have excellent mechanical properties because metal packaging containers are rigid and easy to handle, can withstand collision, vibration and stacking, which is convenient for transportation and
storage has greatly increased the sales radius of commodities.

(3)Tinplate cans, food cans, biscuit cans, and tea cans have good thermal conductivity.The use of food metal cans has high heating and cooling efficiency, which can improve the effect of high temperature sterilization and rapid cooling.It is possible to cook the contents in the pot.

(4)Excellent barrier properties of tin cans, food cans, biscuit cans, and tea cans. Metal packaging containers can not only block gases such as air, oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide, etc., But also block light, especially block ultraviolet light, so it will not cause the deliquescence, deterioration, spoilage and fading of the inclusions and changes in fragrance.

(5)Beautiful decoration of tinplate cans, food cans, biscuit cans, tea cans. Metal containers generally have beautiful metallic luster. Together with colorful graphic printing, they add to the beauty of the product. Because of this, when people give gifts, they often prefer products packed in metal containers.

(6)Hygienic safety of tinplate cans, food cans, biscuit cans, and tea cans. Due to the use of appropriate coatings, metal containers fully meet the requirements of food containers for hygiene and safety.

(7)Tinplate cans, food cans, biscuit cans, and tea cans are easy to use. Metal packaging containers are not easy to break and are easy to carry. Many beverage and food cans are now combined with easy-open lids, which increase the convenience of use to adapt to the fast-paced life of modern society and are widely used in tourist life.

(8) Disposable metal containers for tin cans, food cans, biscuit cans, and tea cans can generally be returned to the furnace for regeneration and recycling after use. It not only recycles resources, saves energy, but also eliminates environmental pollution. Even if the metal is rusted and scattered in the soil, it will not have a bad impact on the environment.

(9)Tinplate cans, food cans, biscuit cans, and tea cans have magnetic permeability. Steel containers have magnetic permeability, so they can be transported by magnetic force.

(10)Tinplate cans, food cans, biscuit cans, and tea cans have good shielding performance. The protective packaging of high-tech electronic equipment can no longer stay on the basic protective functions of moisture, mildew, rust, and shock. When the electromagnetic wave penetrates the sensitive electronic device in the equipment, its effect is much like electrostatic discharge, which will invalidate the electronic components, which makes the equipment unusable. The good shielding performance of the metal packaging container makes it anti-electromagnetic and effectively protect high-tech electronic equipment. This function is of great significance in the military.

Main properties of metal packaging materials

(1) Advantages

①The metal packaging material has high strength. Therefore, the wall thickness of the packaging container can be very thin, so that the weight is light, the strength is high, and it is not easy to be damaged.
for storage and transportation, it has good protection for commodities.

②The metal packaging material has a unique luster, which is convenient for printing and decoration, and makes the appearance of the product beautiful and gorgeous. In addition, metal foil and gold-plated film are ideal trademark materials.

③Metal packaging materials have good comprehensive protection performance. Metals have low permeability to water and gas, and are opaque, which can effectively avoid harmful effects such as ultraviolet rays. It has good comprehensive performance and can maintain the quality of the goods for a long time.Some packages are valid for up to two years.

④ Metal packaging materials are rich in resources and have good processing performance. The recoverable amount of steel on the earth is 1294 × 10 ° t, ranking first, followed by aluminum, which is 68 × 10 ° t. Metal packaging materials can be processed with different methods to produce containers of different shapes and sizes.

⑤the production of metal cans has a long history and the process is relatively mature. Now it has automated production and high production efficiency. Combining the above advantages, more and more products and consumers choose tinplate cans.