How to recycle plastic bottles? What is the difference between tin can and plastic bottle?

In everyday life, the garbage we see everywhere contains a lot of recyclables. These include plastic bottles, scrap metal, waste paper and glass.

Now let’s pay attention to it, what will happen after the bottle is recycled?

Here we make a brief introduction. Recycling workers collect the garbage mixed with various substances in a garbage collection station. Later, when the recycling station saturates the garbage, a large truck will be used to transport the garbage to the large equipment for garbage processing.

After strict sorting, after this process, the paper, glass, material, and metal are separated. Expectations that have been scored high will be sent to the soldiers with compression function expectation compaction machinery to compress and pack, greatly compressing its volume. Squeezed into a big bag

After that, the package will be cleaned, the cap removed, dewatered with a dehydrator, etc. These are preparation processes. Washed hope the bottle will be pulverized with a pulverizer, melted with high temperature, cooled and granulated, and applied to the factory as a raw material method after application reproduction. Recycling is easy for us, and while we are recycling, we are saving trees, forests, animals, and even the entire world, in the process of production, you save raw materials while making our world more healthy, so that we rely less on oil, so that a virtuous circle of economic and social development is formed.

What is the difference between tin can and plastic bottle? You can find out in the form below.

Performance Paper packaging materials Plastic packaging material Glass container Metal packaging materials
Barrier performance Bad Better Good Good
Mechanical strength Bad Better Bad Good
Chemical stability General Better Good General
Processing adaptability Good Good Better Good
Convenience Good Good General Good
Decoration Good Better Better Good
Economical Good Better Good General
Sanitary Better Better Good Better
Disposability Good Bad Good Good
Shielding No No No Yes