The seam welder mainly uses weldments to assemble to form lap joints or butt joints, and is placed between the electrodes of two rollers, and the electrodes of the rollers pressurize the weldments to rotate. Carry out continuous or indirect pulse loose power transmission. This results in a resistance welder with a continuous seam. That is to say, the seam welding machine is actually an evolutionary process of the spot welding machine. The application of the seam welding machine is mainly in the welding of the joints with strict honey properties. Sometimes sheet metal parts that require tighter sealing are also welded by seam welding machines, and the thickness of the welded materials is generally only about 0, 1-2, 5 mm.

The working methods of seam welders can be divided into three types:

First, continuous seam welding

When the electrode of the roller rotates continuously, the weldment should keep moving at a constant speed, then the current of the welding machine will pass continuously and uninterruptedly, and a welding spot will be formed every half circle, and its welding speed can be maintained for one minute. 10-20 meters. However, since the quality of the surface of the object welded by this method is very rough, the practical application area is very small.

Second, intermittent seam welding

This welding method is to keep the weldment rotating at a constant speed, and the current of the welding machine will pass through intermittently. In this way, a solder joint will be formed every time it is turned on and off. Depending on the thickness of the plate being welded, the welding speed can reach 0, 5-4, 3 meters per minute. This welding method is widely used, and it is mainly suitable for closed welds of gas and oil in the production of ferrous metals.

Third, step-by-step welding

Move the solder joints intermittently to allow the welding current to pass through. Each time it passes and moves, a weld is formed, and forging pressure can also be applied. The formation of the joint of the object to be welded is very similar to that of a spot welder. However, the welding speed of this welding method is very low, and it can weld 0, 2-0, and 6 meters in one minute, and it is only used for the welding of aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy with high sealing performance.

The main uses of the seam welder are very wide, and the welding method is simple for everyone to say so much. It is only for your reference, and choose the appropriate method when using it.