Although people are now active in a fast-paced eating environment, the requirements for diet quality are also increasing rapidly. Even fast food is gradually developing towards family diet. Noodles and various cooked dishes. To achieve the fresh-keeping period of food by means of external force, the sealing machine, a fresh-keeping machine, has become the best packaging equipment for modern food green preservation.

After the popularity of boxed food, the types of food also tend to develop in a wider direction. The sealing machine mainly completes the process of filling and sealing the product from raw materials to the feeding port, and then filling and sealing the box. The containers that can be operated by the sealing machine include round Shapesquare deep cup body, shallow box body of various shapes, etc.

The body of the sealing machine is made of stainless steel frame, and the mold is made of aluminum alloy, which is not easy to be damaged by corrosive raw materials, which can well achieve the sealing and preservation of products and avoid product loss. The sealing machine adopts the split-mold heat sealing technology, which realizes the secondary consolidating sealing after the primary sealing, making the sealing more tight. The filling technology is also in the forefront of the world the peristaltic pump filling is more accurate, so that the material can be accurately filled into the box, effectively Material waste is avoided.

Relatively speaking, the boxed foods currently on the market are not as diverse as other products, but through the large number of applications of sealing machines in this industry, it is not difficult to find that this is a market vacancy, and there is a huge room for development , The massive development of boxed products has prompted the sealing machine to grow faster.