The smart can sealer machine shows its skills! The new tea can packaging is eye-catching

The new-style tea market, which is considered to be a high-quality track, seems to be a bit “glamorous in appearance, but full of challenges in reality”. Recently, Nai Xue’s tea released its first annual report after its listing. The adjusted net profit loss of 145 million yuan is somewhat surprising, but industry insiders also said that with the brand’s pilot and a series of automated tea-making equipment this year, the store’s operating results will be improved. Release it slowly. And just as tea brands are accelerating the application of automation equipment, in the increasingly competitive new-style tea track, innovation starts from the inside out, from product innovation to packaging innovation, and then to the introduction of equipment such as smart can sealer machine. The horizontal development of tea beverages is becoming more and more open.

Since the beginning of this year, many leading brands in the new tea drink market have adjusted their prices. Many tea drinks with a price of more than 30 yuan have dropped to around 25 yuan, and some leading brands have even launched single products of less than 10 yuan. It is not difficult to find that new-style tea brands are sharing costs, reducing product prices, and attracting consumers through continuous improvement of the supply chain and the introduction of automated tea-making equipment. This trump card may be somewhat more competitive in the increasingly competitive market. usefulness.

Although in recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the scale of the new tea beverage market has shown a continuous growth trend, showing a compound annual growth rate of about 40%, but in the fierce competition, the new tea beverage stores that have retired Even brands are not rare. In the increasingly crowded new tea drinking track, it is inevitable to accelerate the reshuffle. In order to create a differentiated competitive advantage, in addition to controlling costs and product prices, brands in the industry have accelerated the development of multi-flavored new products and launched unique packaging forms, etc. , from all aspects of empowerment to enhance their own strength.

A few days ago, the author was attracted by the product packaging of a new tea shop. Different from the common plastic cups that are tall, short, fat, and thin, this store uses a can-style bottle and sealing form, which is easy to think of exciting carbonated drinks, but inside The fruits and various small ingredients in full bloom make people feel healthy and delicious. Once the difference in appearance, experience and other aspects can attract people and leave a memory point, then this innovation is undoubtedly a success.

Of course, there are also new requirements for processing equipment under the emerging beverage packaging form, and smart can sealer machine is mainly used in the can-type beverage packaging. The author noticed that the staff in the store only need to put the beverage into the can body, put on the sealed lid, put the can body in the smart can sealer machine and then turn on the intelligent operation, which will be powered by electricity in a short time. The drive completes the automatic lifting and rolling rotation of the cover, and the overall operation is as convenient as the basic plastic seal.

In addition, the volume of the commercial smart can sealer machine will not be too large, and it can be used in new tea shops with limited space. bring a bad experience. Moreover, the intelligent can sealing machine can now complete the sealing of many types of cans such as paper cans, PET plastic cans, cans, aluminum alloy cans, tinplate cans, etc. It has a wide range of applications and is easy to operate. It has broad application prospects in many fields and industries.

Nowadays, the innovation and competition of the new tea drinking track fall into the details, and the flavor, taste, appearance, packaging, etc. may become the eye-catching points. In the existing situation, beverage packaging innovations such as cans are not only close to consumers, but also innovative, and it is not unexpected that they are popular. This also reminds practitioners to pay more attention to the packaging industry and the machinery industry. Are there any suitable for Introduced elements and equipment to promote the renewal of new tea drinks.