1. The machine operator uses an artificial oil gun to press the lubricating grease into the lubrication points of the metal can sealing machine before turning on the machine.
Or manually add lubricating oil for lubrication, except for automatic oil delivery.

2. Before production, turn the hand wheel by hand, and turn it according to the arrow mark of the turning wheel when turning, and check
Whether the parts such as the tank inlet, the lower cover, the turntable, and the machine head are complete and normal. Inspect each operation of the whole machine
Whether the system is working normally, check whether the electrical equipment is sensitive, and fill the lubrication part as required
Enough lubricating grease. The lubricating oil added to the rotor of the can feeder should be food-grade lubricating oil.

3. After checking that each part is normal, after starting the motor, it is still necessary to use the intermittent connection method.
Pull the clutch by hand to make the whole machine run for a short time, and then idling for a while. Check the whole machine operation again
After the situation is completely normal, prepare to start work.

4. Before sealing the can, the metal can sealing machine should be operated for about 10 nins, so that the metal can sealing machine can be more effective during work.

5. Operators should ensure that they work on the machine and cannot leave the machine at will.

6. During the operation, the machine operator should visually check the appearance quality of the can sealing every half an hour
1 time, check the appearance of the can for quick mouth or sharp edges, teeth, chipping; false seals, or hanging
Phenomenon such as lips; check whether the curling edge is cracked, whether the sliding seal is clear, check the outer wall color of the can
Whether the printing paint has defects such as scratches and bruises. If any defects are found, stop the machine in time and contact
Department of on-duty can seaming machine maintenance personnel, repair the can seaming machine.

7. After the production of Yaotou on duty, the power switch of the seamer should be turned off, and the vacuum system should be turned off.
Rinse and clean the metal can sealing machine.

If you want to know more about the working process of the can seamer, please click the following link: https://youtu.be/zIwQ2f7p0gg