The correct use method of the metal can sealing machine includes:

After the metal can sealing machine is installed, first check whether there is any looseness in each part, whether the top valve is dexterously up and down, after checking everything is normal, open the empty car for trial operation, the rotation direction of the whole machine is set to rotate clockwise before leaving the factory . Adjust the height of the bottle through the lifting mechanism. The filling level is reached by adjusting the length of the filling tube. The transmission part of the metal can sealing machine is driven by a motor through a pulley and a triangle belt to drive the reducer gear and the large gear of the metal can sealing machine to rotate, thereby driving the whole machine to rotate. Maintenance and maintenance In order to make the equipment have good reliability and longevity, regular maintenance is necessary to keep the equipment in good condition.

The following are the specific inspection steps:

1. There is always a certain amount of butter (molybdenum disulfide smooth grease) in the gear box of the metal can sealing machine.
2. The metal can sealing machine needs to refuel the butter mouth once in the United States.
3. Before the needle roller bearing and cylindrical roller bearing device, each ring should be coated with smooth oil.
4. Each radial bearing (headed by 6) should have oil-sealing covers on both sides.
5. For tanks with different diameters, use different positioning arcs and indenters.
6. The round pin Φ8 of the part number 24# should be pressed in, and then the thin tension spring steel sheet Z (thickness d = 0.5 ± 0.02 after being ground by a surface grinder) is used to adjust the gap between d = 0.03-0.05, and Always refuel and smooth.
7. Part number 41# flat bearing should also be greased during use.
8. The shape and layout of the sealing roller and roller shaft are for reference only.
9. The turntable is made of hard plastic, and bakelite or aluminum alloy plate is used in the world. The first is not to attract magnetism, the second is to be easy to process and the accuracy is maintained, and the third is not to deform. Please choose reasonably.

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