Fully automatic metal can sealing machine are generally used in automated production lines and mass production lines

1. When the can is filled from the upper channel and flows into the metal can sealing machine.
2The metal can sealing machine that brings the cans into after the six-prong rotation. The jar is capped by an automatic cap dropper.
3 Six forks continue to rotate to the next station, and the first curling knife begins to pre-curling.
4. Six forks continue to rotate to the next station. The second crimping presses the edge.
5 Finished product output

If you want to know more about the working process of the can seamer, you can click the following link: https://youtu.be/zIwQ2f7p0gg

The motion control method of the automatic metal can sealing machine is:
(1) A pneumatic manipulator with a rotating angle of 360° driven by a servo motor (with photoelectric sensor
(The device must start at 0 o’clock)
(2) The screw assembly is driven by the stepper motor to make the manipulator move along the X and Y axes (there are limits for the x and y axes)
(3) The turntable mechanism that can hover 360° can drive the manipulator and the lead screw group to rotate freely (the electric
The pneumatic drive part is composed of a DC motor, an automatic metal can sealing machine photoelectric encoder, a proximity switch, etc.)
(4) The rotating base mainly supports the above 3 parts;
(5) The opening and closing of the pneumatic manipulator is controlled by air pressure (the manipulator is relaxed when the inflator is

The robot is released). The working process is: when the goods arrive, the manipulator system starts to move; stepping

The motor control starts to move downward. The principle of liquid filling machine is usually divided into atmospheric filling machine, vacuum filling machine and pressure filling machine. Under normal pressure, the automatic metal can sealing machine can implement self-flow filling according to the weight of the liquid. The filling method is to fill at higher than atmospheric pressure. The pressure in the liquid storage tank is higher than the pressure in the bottle. The beer liquid flows into the bottle by the pressure difference. The more important part of the filling machine is the PLC control system. The liquid filling machine of the can seamer adopts the Mitsubishi PLC bit shift instruction to the left, and every time the fulfillment condition input is changed from OFF-ON, the N2 bit movement is performed, and N2 is the number of digits to move.

Precautions and maintenance methods during the use of automatic metal can sealing machine。When using the automatic metal can sealing machine, the user needs to prepare a high position with a valve and an output connector at the bottom.

Large cans, the bottom of the large cans should be higher than the white dynamic metal can sealing machine according to the position of the large cans.

The motor of this machine is connected to the 220V power switch (the electrical switch is provided by the user) and the body shell is connected

After the ground wire automatic metal can sealing machine is installed, first check whether there is any looseness in each part, and the top valve can go up and down.

Whether it’s smart, after checking everything is normal, run the empty car for a test run, and the rotation direction of the whole machine is set to be smooth before leaving the factory.

Turn in the clockwise direction. Adjust the height of the bottle through the lifting mechanism. Reach the filling level by adjusting the length of the filling tube

The transmission part of the automatic metal can sealing machine is driven by a motor through a pulley and a triangle belt to drive the reducer gear and the large gear of the metal can sealing machine to rotate, thereby driving the whole machine to rotate. Maintenance and maintenance In order to make the equipment have the best reliability and life, regular maintenance is necessary to keep the equipment in the best condition.

It should be shut down during repairs and maintenance. Transport the automatic metal can sealing machine to the site and check all parts

Whether there is a scene of collision damage and the state of missing parts is generally a rotary type, with 14-18 filling nozzles, production

The capacity is 15003000 bottles/hour (calculated by 750m), the siphon filling machine is semi-automatic filling, human

Filling and unloading bottles, automatic filling, and bottle washer, bottle washer, light inspection, stopper, rubber cap shrinking machine

The carton sealing machine, etc. are matched into an assembly line. Negative pressure filling machine has rotary type and linear type. Wine generally uses rotary type, with 12, 16, 18, 24, 32 and other filling nozzles, and the output is generally 1500-6000 bottles

Hours (calculated by 750m), negative pressure filling machine general and flip-type bottle washing machine, light inspection, fully automatic

Corking machine, automatic rubber cap heat shrinking machine, automatic labeling machine, inkjet printer, metal can sealing machine and other supporting applications, maybe combined with flip-type bottle washing machine, automatic stopper machine to make automatic metal can sealing machine improve equipment level.