The full-automatic can-making production line has been oriented by the market and has been greatly developed. Recently, Yixin has developed a new-type full-automatic can-making production line. The new-style full-automatic can-making production line is more intelligent than the previous one, faster and more efficient. Another level has been raised, the following is an introduction to the design concept of the new fully automatic can production line.

Yixin automatic can-making production line is the necessary processing equipment for metal can-making. It is mainly used for the rolling and forming of the body and bottom (lid) of round cans and special-shaped cans, and guarantees no leakage. It is suitable for the production of metal packaging cans used in food, medicine, chemical, seed and other industries.

The automatic can-making production line of Yixin small round cans adopts a servo numerical control system, purely mechanical cam transmission, cam feeding, cam clamping and holding cans, six rollers rotating and sealing cans, and the production capacity can reach 60-80 pieces per minute. It has the advantages of good stable performance, high degree of automation, high production efficiency, and high cost performance.

The Yixin convenient barrel automatic can-making production line is developed by adopting more advanced technology. It is carefully designed with the servo motor, pneumatic component, and electrical numerical control system. The sealing part adopts eight rollers for rotating cans, and the rollers are gradually rolled up to ensure that Seven layers (the overlap of the five-layer steel pail, the product quality has been more reliably guaranteed, the production capacity is 25-30 per minute).