Tinplate cans are widely used, such as food industry, cosmetics industry, daily necessities industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. In short, we can see the existence of tin cans anytime and anywhere. Even the pharmaceutical industry often uses tin cans.

In our impression, the pharmaceutical industry is very strict in controlling the hygiene, safety and quality of its products. After all, medicines are always in contact with patients and directly affect people’s health. Tinplate cans can be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, relying entirely on its own outstanding advantages and practical functions.

First, tinplate cans will not rust, because its surface is plated with a layer of tin, and it combines the strength of steel and the corrosion resistance of tin, which can well protect the contents of the can in terms of packaging and transportation. Was damaged.

Second, the 0.23mm tinplate sheet is very extensible, that is, it is rigid but not hard, soft but not brittle. Therefore, tinplate can be made into various attractive shapes under various molds, such as spherical, car-shaped, lip-shaped, and heart-shaped. However, in the pharmaceutical industry, simple structures and easy-to-operate designs are the most important, such as rectangles, squares, etc. After all, at the moment when human life is critical, no moment can be delayed.

Third, tinplate cans are more healthy and environmentally friendly than plastic cans. The storage of medicines must be placed in a sealed and cool place. The structure of the tinplate cans is designed with screw caps, sky and earth caps, easy-pull ring caps, etc., and the crimping is also designed in the direction of sealing. Therefore, tinplate cans not only have strong sealing properties, but are also opaque and have excellent barrier properties, and they will not have the plastic smell like plastic cans. The most important thing is the low ignition point. It will not spontaneously ignite due to excessively high temperature in the truck compartment during transportation, so it is safe and reliable.

Fourth, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the concept of environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Therefore, when everyone chooses to buy products, they will give priority to environmentally friendly products. Tinplate is not only low in finished products, but also recyclable. Doesn’t it just meet the national environmental protection standards? What are you still hesitating? Get to know it quickly!