Peelfit was launched in October last year, and Crown claims that its original intention of design and development is to solve the needs of dry powder packaging for more convenience, weight reduction, and content protection. And Peelfit has lived up to its expectations, and it is with these characteristics that it has become an outstanding product in the “technical progress” and “responsible packaging” categories.

It is reported that the Peelfit is produced in the UK factory and has a diameter of 99mm and a variety of heights. And provide brand users with a variety of finishing options, such as: matt, glossy and soft touch, holographic and metallic gloss inks, can give packaging a “tall” look and feel.

Bernard Rioux, head of global packaging for DuPont Performance Materials, said the DuPont Innovation Awards recognize innovations in the packaging supply chain that excel in technological advancement, responsible packaging and a better user experience, while not lacking in science, Inspiration and creativity. He praised Peelfit for combining these qualities, setting an example for the company to innovate and collaborate to solve industry problems.

Peelfit: 16% weight loss, functionality and performance remain the same

The innovative design of Peelfit is reflected in the direct heat sealing technology (DHS) to seal the easy-tear aluminum foil lid without a steel outer ring directly to the raised circular reinforcing rib in the can wall. When filling, fill from the bottom, and then seal the bottom cover that is not easy to open, and the filling line does not need to be modified.

Peelfit containers are 16% lighter than metal cans with traditional peel-off lids due to the unique design that completely eliminates the steel outer ring required for double roll sealing.

In addition, Peelfit’s innovative design offers manufacturers significant environmental advantages. For example, DHS consumes 32% less energy than other existing technologies.

Like all metal packaging, Peelfit cans are completely shielded from oxygen, sunlight, moisture, and other contaminants, preserving the nutritional value and flavor of the contents.

Olivier Aubry, business development and marketing director of European Crown Foods, once said that applying technology to reduce the amount of metal in food containers, while maintaining the performance and function of the container, has always been a focus of the company’s environmental sustainability. Peelfit’s development And the design fully upholds this purpose.

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Figure 1 The peel-off foil seal of the Peelfit plus Plus can be lowered to create a cavity with the top flap for measuring spoons or promotional materials.

Enhanced Peelfit plus: The aluminum foil peel-off lid can be lowered to create a cavity with the top flap for measuring spoons or promotional materials.

An additional feature of Peelfitplus is that it can lower the position where the foil peel-off lid is sealed against the can wall, thus creating a cavity between the foil and the flap on the top of the container, the volume of which varies with the position of the rib. Ideal for serving spoons, measuring tools or promotional materials. And the flip top lid provides convenience, allowing consumers to store the scoop and reseal the container after use to protect the remaining contents.