The production of metal packaging materials in my country is relatively backward, but it has developed rapidly in recent years. With the expansion of the production capacity of modern steel companies such as Wuhan Iron and Steel and Shanghai Iron and Steel, the output and quality of tin plate have been greatly improved; two-piece aluminum alloy sheet for cans and aluminum foil for flexible packaging have been developed. Although my country’s can-making industry started relatively late, and the tin plate can-making industry was only established in the 1940s, it has developed rapidly in the past ten years. A number of canning production lines have been established. At present, the seam-welding can-making process has gradually replaced the tin-welding process, and the quality of metal cans has been improved accordingly, and the production of two-piece cans is being steadily developed according to needs and possibilities.

The degree of mechanization of the barrel-making industry in my country is not high, and some self-made or imitation steel barrel equipment needs to be technically modified to appropriately introduce steel barrel production lines or partly introduce crimping, welding and sealing equipment, cap-making equipment, etc. Aluminum containers and composite aluminum foil bag packaging are being further developed.

In short, with the rapid development of the packaging industry and the increase in demand for metal packaging materials, the output and quality of my country’s metal packaging materials and containers will be greatly improved.

In recent years, countries around the world have increasingly strict requirements on the quality of metal packaging materials based on the interests of consumers and consideration of environmental protection, such as the continuous increase of heavy metal testing items. Therefore, efforts are being made to develop new metal packaging materials, develop new types of containers, change the traditional canning process and equipment, reduce environmental pollution and improve the hygiene level of packaged food. The current development trend is: metal packaging materials are developing towards light weight, thin plating, little or no surface treatment and composite with polymer materials; metal packaging containers are developing towards thin-walled light weight and diversified types.

In short, the output and quality of the metal packaging industry will be greatly improved in 2022. The world will usher in a new peak period of production, sales and consumption!