1. Improve product quality:

When the automatic seam welding machine adopts fully automatic welding technology, the welding parameters of each welding point are stable, and the quality of the welding point is less disturbed by human factors, which reduces the requirements of workers on control technology, so the welding quality is stable.

2. Reduce production costs:

The advantages of high efficiency and high stability of welding automation technology equipment enable manufacturers to recover the investment cost of welding systems relatively quickly.

3. Improve welding efficiency:

The automation technology of welding processing saves costs for the company, improves efficiency and achieves sustainable and rapid development, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of operators.

4. Reduce the manufacturing cycle:

The automatic seam welding machine is easy to control the output of the product, which reduces the production cycle of the product, enables the company to complete the rapid production and manufacture, and improves the company’s competitiveness in the market.

5. Select imported components:

Imported components are selected and equipped with the company’s first microcomputer multi-function LH-MF112 controller. The controller uses an 8-bit microcomputer as the core and cooperates with 2 sets of analog/digital conversion circuits. It will be automatically controlled to maintain a smooth output.

6. Energy saving:

Compared with the application of low frequency, the automatic seam welding machine can reduce the consumption of electric energy, and the transformer of the same quality can output more energy.