JBTF-1250G-PT Double-side Glue Adhesive Film Laminating Line

JBTF-1250G-PT Double-side Glue Adhesive Film Laminating Line

C50 metal sheet coating machine is a high-precision, fully automatic coating machine with vertical and horizontal blanking functions.It is suitable for priming or glazing coating on tinplate, aluminum plate and other metal plates, and it is one of the necessary equipment for printing iron and can making enterprises.


1.Frame is basically made of casting steel with strong stability.
2.Pitless type winding, steel box and hard gears. The decoiler is equipped with a loading trolley, which is safe and convenient to operate.
3.Oven ① Two-top drying ovens with constant temperature ② The second recycling air saves energy ③ Low noise
4.Pneumatic scraper and pneumatic press roller finish the gluing process.
5.Four-roller structure meet the lamination of smoothness surface.
6.Temperature of thermal-oil roller can be controlled automatically.
7.Panasonic PLC and touch screens has working parameters set and monitored. The integrated design of machine, electricity, light and gas realizes the comprehensive functions of safety protection.
8.Seven-section linkage vector frequency conversion tension control system and Siemens inverter.
9.Remote control speed automatically. Tension and speed are controlled in linkage.

The main technical parameters:

Film materials PET、OPP、 CPP、 PVC、laser film etc.
Substrate materials Tinplate, cold rolled base, stainless steel and aluminum strip etc.
Thickness 0.15-0.6mm
Mechanical speed 100m/min
Width 315mm-1250mm
Max. diameter of unwind film Ф220mm
Oil roller diameter Ф600mm
Max. diameter of metal coil Ф1500mm
Max. weight of metal coil 10T
Total power 300KW,about 120KW at normal use
Overall size 27m(L)*6.2m(W)*4.3m(H)

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