Metal Can Sealing Machine

Metal Can Sealing Machine

The fully automatic metal can sealing machine series can be used in various can factories for sealing tinplate packaging cans. Such as: packaging cans for various food, cooking oil, paint, motor oil, etc. The metal can sealing machine is mainly suitable for the sealing of 3L-4L Retangular cans, 16L-20L conical pail and neck-in drum 18L-20L square cans and 1-5L round cans.

How to choose a metal can sealing machine?

You can choose according to the following

  • Whether the sealed tank is an empty tank (open-top tank) or a solid tank.
  • The shape of the sealed can body and lid.
  • The annual output of the tank (and converted into shift output or output per minute).
  • The size range of the sealed tank type (the range of tank diameter and tank height).
  • If it is a solid tank, it is necessary to understand the contents and vacuum requirements.

Working process of fully automatic metal can sealing machine production line

Before entering the main engine,the can stop cylinder will let the can body go one by one separately.On left of machine head,there is an automatic can lid splitting device. Operater only need to put stacks of lids, which have been curled,into the hopper.While working,the lid splitting blade will make the lids separate one by one driven by cylinder.A positioning cylinder of the can body is installed on the conveying rack under the lid splitting base to block the can body.It will make the can body directly stop under the lid and wait for the lid to fall.At this time, the can holding mold will come to hold the can body and lid together, and then positioning cylinder releases them one by one,and carry the can body and lid to another working station. Another set of can holding mould will send the can body and lid to the first seamer to seal. The position of the positioning cylinder can be adjusted a little according to the size of the can body.The can holding molds and the pushing molds are mounted on two symmetrical long sliding plate, which are connected with the ball screw rods and the ball screw rods connected with the servo motor moves the can body holding molds back and forth.When working, the can holding mould shall hold the body and lid at the same time and send them to the underside of the machine head for sealing.Meanwhile, the can pushing mold mounted on the same sliding plate with the can holding mold pushes the can body with sealed lids onto the conveyor belt of the middle conveying rack.After the can body’s running for a certain distance, it is turned over by the reversing device.When the can body runs to the front of the second seamer, the former same operations will be repeated. The can body and lid are held together by the holding mold, and sent to the second machine head to finish sealing.The same action as the first seamer.At this point, the top and bottom seals of an empty can are completed.

Fully automatic metal can sealing machine series

GT4B30 Automatic metal can sealing machine

GT4B30 Automatic can sealing machine
Major technical parameters
Production capacity (cans/min) 25-30
Diameters(mm) 200-300
Height (mm) 230-460
Thickness of tinplate(mm) ≤0.4
Air pressure (mpa) 0.3-0.5
Motor type(kw) Y132S-4 5.5
Front conveyor frame (mm) 3000
Size (mm) 2200×1200×2800
Weight (T) 5

10-20L 8-Rollers Automatic metal square can sealing machine

automatic Sealing Machine-3
Major parameters
Can volume (L) 18-20
Capcaity (cpm) 20
Thickness of tinplate (mm) 0.25-0.35
Votage (V) 380
Size (mm) 19000*1680*2900mm
Weight (kg) 23000

1-5L Automatic metal can sealing machine

1-5L Automatic can sealing machine
Major parameters
Can volume (L) 1-5L
Capcaity (cpm) 25-30
Height (mm) 100-350
Thickness of tinplate (mm) 0.25-0.35
Total power (kw) 25
Votage (V) 380
Size (mm) 13100*1900*2400mm
Weight (kg) 10000

RA52-180 Automatic metal small round can sealing machine

automatic Sealing Machine-4
Major technical parameters
Production capacity (cans/min) 40-60
Diameter (mm) 50-180
Can Height (mm) 60- (270) 300
Thickness of tinplate (mm) 0.16-0.4
Power (kw) 3.5
Max. spin rate of seamer head (rmp/min) 500
Voltage (v) 380
Size (mm) 5000×885×1800
Weight (kg) 1750

The following products are produced by this equipment

Full AutoCan Sealing Machine Series Application-1
Full AutoCan Sealing Machine Series Application-2
Full AutoCan Sealing Machine Series Application-3
Full AutoCan Sealing Machine Series Application-4
Full AutoCan Sealing Machine Series Application-5
Full AutoCan Sealing Machine Series Application-6

Advantages and disadvantages of the fully automatic metal can sealing machine production line

Advantages: the metal can sealing machine adopts automatic computer programming control system, fully realizing the full automatic metal can sealing machine work.Only 1-2 workers are needed to complete the operation of the entire machine.The metal can sealing machine has fast production speed, high production efficiency, automatic fault detection system and low rejection rate.

Disadvantages: compared to semi-automatic metal can sealing machine, the initial investment capital is larger. For the start-up enterprises, it is recommended to use semi-automatic metal can sealing machine with less capital in.

YiXin products and peer products comparison

Yixin machines: The can making machine are processed with high hardness and imported wear-resistant materials. The imported guide rail and profile are combined with precise coordination of servo motor to ensure a fast conveying system. Four rounds, six rounds,Eight-wheel can sealing machine head, The sealing quality is stable and fast .At the same time, the sealing machine head adopts special design, which has the characteristics of low noise and high efficiency.

Counterparts machines: most of the can making machine is made of domestic materials, common profile and domestic guide rail, combined with stepping motor,Which will be in some lack of stability and accuracy.Can sealing machine head only has four rollers, quality and speed will have a certain impact .At the same time the machine head adopts the old design, the production noise is bigger.

Application industry

This production line is applicable to the production of metal round cans for food, medicine, chemical industry, paint, cooking oil and other industries. It can also be applied to the production of food cans, paint cans, edible oil cans, paint cans, lubricating oil cans, etc.

Applicable countries and regions

Applicable to countries or regions where labor is difficult, unstable, or highly paid. For example: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, dubai and so on.

Applicable to countries or regions with high output and high product quality. For example: Saudi Arabia, dubai, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Turkey and so on.

Why to chooes YiXin products?

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  • More than 80% of customers in China have used Yixin products.
  • Yixin technology has a strong technical team and professional after-sales service to provide customers with turnkey project and one-stop service.
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