Overview of the metal can sealing machine : The advanced machine head structure is used to successfully solve the sealing problems of 304, 306 and other can types with the principle of conjugate, and the sealing quality meets the export requirements. The advanced automatic capping mechanism overcomes the drawbacks of manual capping. It is suitable for the sealing of round, rectangular, square, oval, and horseshoe-shaped cans. It adopts the most advanced machinery, electrical appliances, and pneumatic control technology in the world, and uses the principle of equal pressure filling. The filling speed is fast, the liquid level is stable after filling, and the material loss is small. Features such as beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, and variable frequency speed regulation of production speed.

The working principle of the metal can sealing machine: the cans filled by the filling machine flow into the metal can sealing machine turntable. The capping machine starts to cover automatically. Turn the turntable to the first knife pre-sealing. Enter the vacuum chamber and perform vacuuming. Controlled by the vacuum suction switching valve, nitrogen enters the vacuum chamber, and the nitrogen is sucked into the tank. The tank with nitrogen enters the second knife and is tightly sealed. Finished product output. Large-diameter sealing, strong sealing performance, can be customized up to 170mm bottle mouth, continuous work. Technical parameters: Model GLF-600 power supply voltage 110V/220V 50-60HZ power 600W sealing diameter (optional) 50-120mm sealing speed 0-30 Bottle/minute cooling method, air-cooled weight 12KG, external size 385×475×390mm.

The characteristics of the metal can sealing machine : The induction metal can sealing machine is a non-contact metal can sealing machine , which generates high heat instantaneously through electromagnetic induction, that is, the aluminum foil is melted on the bottle mouth. This process is suitable for sealing most items that avoid contamination and effectively protect Avoid accidents of spilling, spreading, squeezing and spilling the product. Modular power components, with high efficiency and low consumption, are not only suitable for polyethylene and polypropylene containers with good heat sealing performance, but also have good sealing effects for polyester bottles and glass bottles with poor heat sealing performance. It is safe to use, with a frequency range of 25-100KHz, no harm to the human body, and the equipment is equipped with protection devices such as overcurrent, overheating, and overload. The product is small and light, easy to operate, short bonding time, fast speed, strong fastness, stable performance, suitable for small batch production and laboratory operations.

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