People’s life and production are inseparable from packaging, because packaging has multiple functions. How to choose good quality tinplate tins, food tins, tea tins, gift tins, cookie tins? We can choose from the following aspects?

(1) Selling functional packaging is like a silent salesman. Good packaging can attract consumers ‘attention and stimulate consumers’ purchases. The sales function of packaging is achieved through packaging design. Excellent packaging design, with its exquisite shape, reasonable structure, eye-catching trademarks, decent text and bright colors and other artistic language, directly stimulates the purchase desire of the consumer lunch, and leads to purchase behavior. Some packaging also has potential value, such as beautiful and suitable packaging containers, which can be used to hold other items after the contents are used up. Uniquely shaped containers and beautifully printed decorations can not only increase the selling price of goods, and promote the sale of goods. At the same time, it can also be collected as an art appreciation.

(2) convenience function modern product packaging can bring many conveniences to people, which plays an important role in improving work efficiency and quality of life. The convenient function of packaging should be reflected in the following aspects.

①Convenient production for mass-produced products, packaging should meet the needs of mechanization, specialization and automation of production enterprises, taking into account resource capacity and production costs, and increase labor productivity as much as possible.

②Convenient storage and transportation for the quality and volume (size, shape, etc.) Of each packaging container, the convenient loading and unloading of various transportation vehicles should be considered for stacking; also consider that the quality of manual loading and unloading of goods generally does not exceed 40% of the worker’s weight (limited to about 20kg), etc .; At the same time, it should also consider the storage and stacking method of storage and transportation into warehouses, shops, and residences during circulation indoor decoration and storage during the process.

③ Convenient use of suitable packaging should make consumers feel convenient when opening, using, storing and storing. Such as carton sealed with adhesive tape, cans, spray packaging, portable packaging, etc., In a concise language or icon, to explain the precautions and methods of use to consumers to facilitate the use.

④Convenient handling means that some packages have the function of repeated use. For example, the recycling of various materials, glass bottles for beer and beverages, and the recycling of packaging waste (paper packaging, wooden packaging, metal packaging, etc.) Are convenient for environmental protection and conducive to resource conservation.

(2) Protection function the protection function of the packaging is the most basic and the most important function. It should protect the product from damage andloss. In the circulation process of goods, the factors that cause harm to them are: environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, gas, radiation, microbial insects, rodents, etc., Which may damage the packaging and harm the product; human factors, the goods are transported, during storage, due to careless or improper operation, the goods are damaged by shock, vibration, or fall, or they are crushed due to too many stacked layers. Therefore, according to factors such as the shape, characteristics, transportation environment, sales environment and other factors of different products,The most appropriate materials, reasonable design of packaging containers and technologies should be given to the packaging to provide sufficient protection functions to protect the safety of the products inside, and the special use of dangerous goods packaging, pay attention to prevent its damage to the surrounding environment and people and creatures.

The determination of the can’s structure of all the cans must take into account factors such as packaging requirements and manufacturing costs.

(3) Factors affecting cost, round cans compared with other special-shaped cans, round cans are not only relatively easy to manufacture, but also use less materials. In the capacity phase under the same conditions, a container with a regular hexahedron uses 40% more material than a round cans, but from the perspective of the round lid’s cutting rate, the utilization rate during optimal discharge can only reach about 80%. Therefore, when designing metal cans, from the perspective of saving materials and reducing costs, round cans should be used as much as possible. The special-shaped cans has a unique shape and its cost is more than twice that of the cylindrical cans. It is only used when necessary.

In addition, the production efficiency of the two-piece can production line is higher than that of the three-piece can, but the investment in equipment is much larger than that of the three-piece can. These factors must be taken into account when determining the economic structure of the metal can.

(2)When selecting the can shape, the packaging requirements of the contents should be met, the metal cans should be determined according to the characteristics of the contents and the packaging requirements.structure, shape, opening method, sealing form, bottom and cover and side seam structure, etc. Common opening methods are cut-open, roll-open, pull-open, etc., And the sealing forms are air-tight and non-air-tight. Food cans and beverage cans generally require good sealing, and the sealing method can choose a double seaming structure; the opening method: generally the former using a cut-open type, the latter adopts a pull-open type, and the lunch meat is to ensure that the shape of the meat is complete when the can is open. , Mostly take the side unwrapped square can as the packaging container. An important feature of non-food cans is that they can be opened and resealed multiple times.Among them, art cans mainly used for daily necessities and cosmetic packaging, attaching great importance to artistic styling and decoration design; the metal cans mainly used for paints, oils and small packages of some chemical products, pay attention to the performance of the use rather than pay attention to decoration, which requires convenient transportation and a certain strength. The universal can used for tea and candy packaging can be sealed with a lid. The joint between the can body and the can lid does not require a double seaming. In addition, whether to install locking rings on the lid and bottom of the metal cans, whether rolling ring ribs are needed around the can body depends on the specific requirements of the production process and transportation environment. When the standard roll seal structure is selected, the size design and calculation of the roll seal structure can no longer be performed.

In short, when determining the structure of metal cans, factors such as the characteristics of packaging, packaging requirements and cost must be considered.