After welding, whether using powder coating repair or liquid coating repair on the weld seam of metal cans, the equipment is basically the same, mainly consisting of a heating oven and a conveyor belt. The cans, after being welded and repaired, are continuously transported through the oven on the conveyor belt to ensure proper baking and curing of the coating repair band. However, there are various heating methods for the oven:

Drying Equipment for Metal Can Weld Seam Coatings

  • Electric heating tube oven: This oven is composed of specially made electric resistance heating tubes. The heated airflow is blown towards the electric heating tubes by a high-pressure fan, and the heated airflow is ejected from the nozzle onto the weld seam repair area of the can body, allowing the coating to be baked and cured. The temperature of the heating tube can be controlled by a temperature controller. The temperature of this oven can be adjusted between 300°C and 550°C.
  • Gas oven: The gas oven mainly consists of a gas mixing regulator and the oven itself. The principle is as follows: Gas undergoes first-stage mixing with air through the gas regulator, then is sent to the gas oven through pipelines. In the gas oven, it undergoes second-stage mixing and is sprayed out. With the ignition of the high-voltage ignition device, a blue flame is formed by proper adjustment to bake and cure the repair band. The temperature of this oven can reach 300°C to 600°C, suitable for curing powder coating repair. The evaporated gas can be extracted from the suction ports on both sides.
  • Electric high-frequency induction oven: This oven utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction. There is a set of coils in the oven. When the oven is operating, the coils carry a high-frequency electric current. The magnetized metal, i.e., the can body, under the action of the high-frequency electric current, generates eddy currents and heat in the area close to the high-frequency coils or the weld seam repair area, playing a role in baking and curing. This oven is suitable for the initial stage of liquid coating repair, i.e., the baking and curing process of solvent volatilization. The liquid repair band is less likely to have bubbles because the baking heat is generated from inside the metal, facilitating solvent volatilization.

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